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Desirfinancial Initiated
Desir Financial LLC was established in 2008 as a full service financial firm, serving hundreds of individuals and small to mid-size business, both local and nationwide. We provide services in the field of Management Consulting, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Debt Management. Our office has qualified professionals from both the public and private sectors with nearly a decade of experience helping individuals and businesses maximize their financial needs.
Get fund $80 million of equipment finance
Desirfinancial is trusted by its clients to arrange in excess of $80 million of equipment finance. Pacific Finance has excelled in the business of equipment finance and leasing by developing and adhering to a tested model for arranging equipment finance. Our model encompasses sourcing the finance in a timely manner to secure the asset, negotiating competitive terms and conditions with the financier, minimising banking risk by “spreading” your finance among different lenders and minimising (in most cases eliminating) the need for additional capital. Previous
Become USA’s biggest financial company
Desir Financial become biggest company in 2016 and believes in building a business on quality of service, reliability, proficiency, and accountability. By combining our expertise, knowledge and team mentality, we are assuring that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. We work to offer our services in an innovative manner that is incomparable to any other firm.
Why choose us

Since 2008, Our company can quickly provide you with access to the funds you need, at the speed you require, and at a rate that works for you. If you are looking for financing to start a new business, pay for everyday costs, purchase equipment, or expand, there is a business loan for you. Different business financing can provide access to a range of loan types including secured, unsecured, overdrafts, equipment finance and more.

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Our Mission

Desir Financial strive to meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients’ needs through research and sound analysis. Desir Financial is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around South Florida. We believe this to be a direct derivative of our talent and responsiveness to our client base. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that individuals and businesses who choose Desir Financial will receive competent and timely advice. Find out how we can assist you TODAY!

How to Desirfinancial right for you

  • Begin with a few people.

  • Check their websites to get to know their backgrounds, credentials and experience.

  • Set up specific time to speak on the phone,any media or meet in person.

  • If referred by friends or family, ask what they like about working with them.


  • Can be used for all business structures

  • Applicable to all firms

  • Can be used for establish businesses

  • Efficient approval and settlement

  • Funding for 100% of the purchase price, including GST

  • Fixed repayments for the term

  • Tailored monthly payments

  • Structured letters of credit to facilitate overseas purchases


 Having worked with more than thousands U.S. exporters and importers, we are well versed in desirfinancial for buyers and sellers. Many U.S. companies are seeking to grow their sales while minimizing foreign payment risk or funding their purchase orders of finance your account receivables. Short term trade finance is often the first step in securing an offshore contract. desirfinancial structures and arranges short, medium and long term trade…

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Desirfinancial give you access to various speculation alternatives and money market fund writes, so you can fabricate a portfolio intended to enable you to accomplish your budgetary objectives.

Financial planning

Genuine money related arranging is a far reaching, continuous approach that begins with helping you characterize your fantasies, building up an arrangement to enable you to arrive, at that point keeping tabs on your development en route, suggesting changes where required.