Wealth Management


Making a propitious investment can be a great way for paving the route to source sufficient funds for business, accomplish your retirement objectives, finance your child’s education or even buy a trip to the world tour. Considering the same, we are a team of skilled investment strategists that help companies, stockholders and individuals to achieve their financial objectives.

Our advisory panel includes financial analysts and investment bankers, that boasts an extensive experience on serving various industrial domains like healthcare, financial services, individual investors, business startups, IT & consumer services, real estate, construction & engineering, private equity and much more.

With the relentless pursuit towards excellence, our financial experts have helped both businesses and individuals to plan their growth strategies. Starting from negotiating acquisitions, managing the company sales, raising equity and debt capital, market analysis, identifying targets and enhancing the operational and financial flexibilities, we try to equip our clients with financial strategic options for achieving impressive results.

Our service portfolio emphasizes on a series of holistic aspects including:

Private Equity - Recapitalization

With professional assistance of a financial expert, you will be able to capitalize on private equity and attain a strong hold on liquidity

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our panel of financial advisory endow you with the right approach, right strategy and right infrastructure to accomplish the transactions successfully.

Strategic Planning

We conduct a detailed SWOT analysis of your business while evaluating all the risks and scope of growth before you decide your financial objectives.

Debt and Equity Planning

We help you to comprehend the opportunities associated with the evolving financial alternatives and find out new prospective sources of capital.

Our specialized wealth advisory assistance, covering both private and business banking serve as the fuel to boost your financial strength tactfully. We boast a detailed understanding of your goals, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, financial responsibilities and tax liabilities. Here we have highlighted the areas of our focus which, we address for structuring a concrete and viable wealth management plan.

  • Selecting the ideal tax-efficient framework.
  • Deciphering the risks involved.
  • Facilitating Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Planning Result-driven Diversification Strategy.
  • Planning Wealth Transfer Strategies.

At Desir Financial Services, we have always strived to develop a client-focused strategy with a strong emphasis on the original research, investment process, client service and technological development. Considering your investment as the prospective route to achieve your financial goals and taking a set of factors including your planned savings, current assets, inflation and much more, we will help you in:

  • Implementing feasible fundraising or capital management plan.
  • Reviewing the returns or performance of investment schemes at regular intervals.
  • Preparing fresh new investment policy statements.
  • Measuring the level of risk tolerance.
  • Choosing a suitable asset allocation strategy.

It is certainly important to plan your eventual retirement from an early stage for maintaining a financially independent lifestyle. Considering your future plans, we deploy our expert know-how to know suitable recommendations to you. Areas covered by us are:

  • Retirement budget preparation.
  • Financial retirement strategy planning.
  • Estimation of expected retirement income.
  • Determination of retirement healthcare needs.
  • Evaluation of retirement accounts.

Desir Financial Services is here to assist you in each and every step of preparing an appropriate financial plan for your child’ education. We help you in evaluating your saving requirements and finding out the potential ways of building a winning education funding strategy such as gifting plans, tax-deferred savings, using tax credits and incentives. Considering all the schemes available to you, we help you assess all its benefits and loopholes and choose the most appropriate solution that befits your requirement list.

Meticulous estate and tax planning is a significant strategy in preserving the wealth and passing it onto the designated beneficiaries of your choice. Our bunch of adroit representatives will conduct an in-depth study of all the estate and tax planning options and prepare an appropriate assessment for you. Our bespoke estate planning process includes:

  • Multi-generational planning
  • Assessment of current situation
  • Determination of planning alternatives
  • Implementation of the estate plan
  • Minimal incidence of taxes associated to wealth transfer

Desir Financial Services boasts an excellent track record in planning beneficial charitable gift strategies in adherence to both the tax and non-tax implications. With our rich industrial experience and extensive skillset, we advise our clients to acquire an in-depth understanding on impact of the implemented charitable strategy on your long-term and current needs.Some of the charitable structures which, we consider are:

  • Public charities
  • Private foundations
  • Community foundations
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Non-tax exempt LLC
  • Supporting organizations

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