17- Aug2016
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Desirfinancial Initiated

Desir Financial LLC was established in 2008 as a full service financial firm, serving hundreds of individuals and small to mid-size business, both local and nationwide. We provide services in the field of Management Consulting, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Debt Management. Our office has qualified professionals from both the public and private sectors with nearly a decade of experience helping individuals and businesses maximize their financial needs.

Desirfinancial is trusted by its clients to arrange in excess of $80 million of equipment finance. Pacific Finance has excelled in the business of equipment finance and leasing by developing and adhering to a tested model for arranging equipment finance. Our model encompasses sourcing the finance in a timely manner to secure the asset, negotiating competitive terms and conditions with the financier, minimising banking risk by “spreading” your finance among different lenders and minimising (in most cases eliminating) the need for additional capital. Previous

Desir Financial become biggest company in 2016 and believes in building a business on quality of service, reliability, proficiency, and accountability. By combining our expertise, knowledge and team mentality, we are assuring that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. We work to offer our services in an innovative manner that is incomparable to any other firm.