Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Driven by the pivotal commitment to offer our clients a seamless accounting experience defined by numerical accuracy, we at Desir Financial dedicate our broad spectrum of  Accounting Services to today’s  dynamic financial landscape.

Devising comprehensively unique strategies and etching a roadmap that is optimal for a regulated environment serves you the potential to prosper, while safeguarding your investments and interests. Our insightful proficiency enables you to identify and seize the perfect opportunity to multiply your return on investments (RoI) and scale enviable growth.

Accounting Advisory Services

Having honed multidisciplinary skills through years of diverse experience, we have earned wide acclaim as one of the most promising advisory services in the United States.

Strategic planning for preparing impeccable reports, undertaking risks of complex accounting, as well as, navigating through the odds that define your anxiety, is our forte.

Taking into cognizance your need for holistically integrating proficiency into the accounting structure, we have pioneered a well etched structured orientation that establishes the credibility of your venture before shareholders and regulators.

Assisting you to meet regulatory obligations and supporting you through industry specific complex accounting issues, our team dedicates its expertise to provide:



Our advisory functions are in sync with the specific demands of:

  • Businesses reaching out for accounting system overhaul
  • Establishments head for a initial public offering (IPO)
  • Companies looking forward to a merger or acquisition
  • Businesses faltering as a result of financial indecisiveness, improper transactions or failing to upkeep with accounting standards.

Audit and Attest Services

We believe, in order to build a reliable public image before your clients, it is a mandate for you to offer a transparent and sound financial picture of your business. Our certified public accountants offer compelling evaluation reports in your favor and decipher the fragilities in your financial operations that might be taking a toll on the security of your company.

Catering to both financial and non financial aspects of your organization, our extensive audits guarantee unearthing the financial dispositions, operational nitty gritties and exposing the potential risks likely to be faced by your organization.

Each of the following can accommodate a seamless growth.

  • Account Audits
  • Safety and HR policy audits
  • Infrastructural Audit

Compliance Audits

Attestation is all together a different ball game. Our ace accountants examine your adherence to the regulatory obligations, failing which, your maneuvers towards attaining growth might get jeopardized.

Validation of business operations in compliance with management policies is scrutinized; internal functionalities are reviewed along with the reports on financial projections.

Insightful vision and promising understanding of compliance procedures offers you the scope to reinstate guidelines and tighten your harness before the system spins out of your control.

Our intervention is directed towards a set of underlined goals:

  • Safeguarding the reputation by signaling a checklist in order to corroborate the information when compared to a pre declared purpose.
  • Motivating growth and enhancing credibility, thus assuring profit optimization by the means of improved delegation of available resources.

Benefit Plan Audits

We specialize in authenticating financial statements, using a unique approach towards plan operations. Owing to commissioning of third party plan officers, often their absence from the site of daily operations leads to a complication.

Our experienced plan professionals try resolving the issue by delivering their expert understanding and insights to develop a procedural approach towards risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Our 401(k) audit specialists geared with comprehensive knowledge of GAAP and ERISA offer unbiased reviews for a system upgrade. In consultation with compensation and befit professionals they work towards improving efficiency.

We support you through completion and submission of Form 5500 o save that last minute rush. Sharing with you mutual accountability we pledge undertaking the higher responsibility.

Business and Individual Taxation

We can very well relate to the anxiety and agony that the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017- supposedly the biggest tax revamp has put you through. And, with the major focus shifting to corporate tax cuts, the situation is indeed intense we believe.

This has lead us to extending support in filing tax returns to our clients. Be it a C corporation, S Corp, a proprietorship, Limited Liability Company or a partnered venture, entrust us with the responsibility of strategizing measures to reduce the proportion of returns. By the means of planned diversion of your resources towards investments with the best returns, we successfully save you hard earned money.

In the face of individual taxation, we undertake a planned initiative to minimize your deposit.  Weighing your objectives and forecasting the probable returns, we ideate a solution that can lower your tax burden.

We leave no stone unturned to capitalize on the available tax credits and incentives in your favor.

Estate and Wealth Transfer

We ensure your assets and legacy are rightfully transferred to the deserving heir apparent. By strategizing a myriad means to reduce inheritance taxes, we do justice to your hard earned wealth.

Focusing on maintaining complete confidentiality by executing our responsibility based on your vision, we help you grow your assets, transfer them or save them from creditors.

A consolidated glimpse of our services:

  • wealth preservation and asset valuation
  • implementing succession of ownership
  • tax consultation and compliance
  • assisting retirement planning benefits

Thus, our dynamic approach meticulously relieves you of your lingering anguish regarding your family’s legacy.

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